Reader's review

Artificial Beauty SHINCHOSHA

It seems like there are two different interpretations which are opposed to each other about the last chapter"Beauty of Wildness". One is "Cain-ko is a slave of desires,therefore she is not happy" Another is "Cain-ko faces her desire squarely and continues searching for,therefore she is happy"

Daniel Yan

I think she was not happy. Dc.Ozone asked to Cain-ko "Why does a peerless beauty like you do a orthopedic surgery?" Then she answered "It may be a revenge to God" Is the person who finished revenge got to be happy? She felt me pitiful to the last. Sigh to the world by which real beautiful thing is not justly estimated to be beautiful.


It does not seems like a happiness of supremacy. It may be happiness which is because she herself does not know her unhappiness. Or it may be unhappiness which is because she herself does not know her happiness. Anyway,she is satisfied since the plan was completed and she has changed as an ordinary person whom she thinks.


If I say at a word why I thinks Cain-ko is happy. "It is wonderful that people have their intention and perform it." Therefore I think Cain-ko was happy. There are lot of people who are living without their intention. Although many of them were loved in a family, if they are attaching and walking behind people and never said anything like "I want to carry out this from myself" can also lead life safely without encountering danger.A lot of people are like that. But is it happy life? I don't mention about contents of her plan.But she had her will and achieved it. So it seems like she was happy enough.

Daniel Yan