About TSU,I,RA,KU----F-A-L-L

Text by Zhang Jin professor of Meiji university

This book sketches a quintessentially human drama, centered on second-grade children.

The girl awaken to love early, building social relationships every bit as complex as those of adults before entering junior high school and discovering sex.
The adolescence of Morimoto Junko is prominent in the story. She falls violently in love with a certain person A, ultimately getting hurt before she graduates. Himeno Kaoruko vividly depics the life of young girls, and the precocious sexual experience of Junko in particular, with a sartirical touth.

The work dispels the pure and beautiful, tender and vulnerable image of teen-age love.

The girls fall in love,immediately move on to sex,and become woman in the space of a night.
The boundary between love and sex is ambiguous, but this does not bother them. Perhaps the the distinction between earnest affection and exultant sex is one that these young girls do not need to make.
This may be the first time the uninhibited love of teenagers has been written about so directly.
It is Himeno's style that particularly draws the reader's attention.
With exquisitely crafeted sentences and effective use of variations in tone, she describe the diverse lives of the grown girls.

Another feature is the bold use of elements mean to elicit laughter.
It is difficult to employ humor in romantic fiction, but this book organically integrates these elements into the text.

In overturning the rules of love stories one by one, story and combination of a variety of voices create a novel that will linger in reader's memories.