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Japanese Title "SOUSHITSUKI" English Title "The Loss"
Hard cover and Compact book Publishing Agent "KADOKAWA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO.,LTD." 1997
Characters in this story are always eating. The loss of "woman's gender" of the heroine who grew up into the basis of the influence of Christianity rises from a scene of eating.

DOLU HAUSU Doll House "C'est lavion qui descend du ciel"
Hard cover and Compact book KADOKAWA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO.,LTD. 1997
Furthermore after the war, the eldest children assumed a heavy responsibility for the family and even they are under an obligation to keep a blood relation forever.
It is the convention family system which is called "ie" in Japan. The small encounter of a heroine and a man,it was an oppotunity that she started to talk about "ie".

Hard cover and Compact book KADOKAWA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO.,LTD. 2001
The trilogy last program of a series following "Dollhouse" and "The loss." The background of a tale is the aesthetic sense which collapsed away humorously through rapid economic growth. A heroine walks along her way honestly calmly, without being influenced of the wave of such a time.

SAIKE Psychedelic
Hard cover and Compact book SHUEISHA 2000
Sexual identity disorder does not point out only a homosexual. The time which lasts 1970 from 1969 reflected in the eyes of the schoolchild girl who loves Raquel Welch very much. And the collection of short stories into which the time which returned psychedelic again since it was psychedelic was spun.

Hard cover and Compact book SHUEISHA 1998
The collection of short short story dealing with a blood type. Light novel for the younger age groups.

BAKASAYUE Because I'm A Fool
The parody offered to the TVcomics and TVdrama which was broadcasting around 1970. It is the collection for mania. And it guarantees "burst-of-laughter". It was published as a "Original Paperback".

AI WA HITORI Love Is All Alone
Hard cover and Compact book SHUEISHA 1999
One lyrical piece which summarized loneliness and sentimentality of the woman living alone who works in the big cities. The style of a prose poem.

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