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Japanese Title "HITOYONDE MITSUKO" English Title "Everybody Calls Her Mitsuko"
Hard cover and Compact book Publishing Agent "SHUEISHA" 2002
This is a sensationally new type of novel by Himeno Kaoruko. This debut novel is so revolutionary new; it is far ahead of our time. People who appreciated this novel just could not stop laughing. The main character Mitsuko is an ordinary university student who has psychic powers. Unlike the main character in Stephen King's novel Carrie, her classmates do not pick upon Mitsuko, nor is she stunningly beautiful. Even with psychic powers, she is portrayed as an ordinary student, so ordinary that she becomes extraordinary. She is a strong believer in upholding public moral and thus her behavior naturally becomes "very serious". Even when using her powers, she will first consider the moral issues; therefore her powers are always used "seriously". It is an extremely hilarious novel, very enjoyable to read.

SOBAYA NO KOI SOBAYA "Love At A Buckwheat Noodle Restaurant"
Hard cover and Compact book EAST PRESS 2000
The collection of short stories which made the tale ups and downs of the emotion which happens to some parts of everyday life from various angles. Thework which became the book title is a fine story of love which is quiet and light. You'll find a new taste and another view of love.

JUNAN The Passion
Hard cover and Compact book BUNGEISHUNJU 1997
The heroine is a single woman who lives near the seashore of Chiba Prefecture. She was called St. Francisco in the friends,because of the way of her simple living which were brought up at the monastery where she grow up.She is the home programmer of game software. She often heard the voice of the answering machine which was recorded by herself.It is the days of St.Francisco. It is the life of solitary.

But one day,such life drastically changes. The odd thing started to live in her body. The thing has the face of human,the thing has an intelligence,and the thing lives between her legs. However, intelligence of the thing was used only for attacking a host. The thing talk like a hell,tried to break hiroin's identity as a woman "Useless woman!" "Know thyself!" "I decided to live here because you did not use this whatever it might make it." These voice can be heard from between her legs. What a horrifying situation it is. But she named the thing "Mr. Koga" and started the strange symbiosis life.

Several years passed then. She begins new business which is called Rooms for Sweethearts. She remodel the room of a house and it was lent to sweethearts. Of course, a lot of people borrowed the room as a place to have a sex. She accepted contributing to others' sexual act as joy, though herself was completely unrelated to sex. Because, a man will become an impotence if she touches a man. What a odd supernatural power she got. Even vibrator breaks only by touching.

And a certain day. She thought Mr. Koga who has continued speaking ill was to be the only one existence which accepted herself. She applied for marriage to Mr. Koga. A tale finishes it as the happy end withwhich the heroine is connected to Mr. Koga who substantiated with a dazzling light.

Heroine parodied St. Francis and all the other characters parodied the name of magazine or newspaper. Only the name of the odd thing "Mr.Koga" is a general name of a person of Japan. A setup of this tale is very very strange.

Comedy, horror, religion and a subculture, a pun and other various elements,such as slang and a broadcast prohibition term,onomatopoeia(work of the comics which Japan is proud of ), are included in this tale. The tale which progresses with sufficient tempo. Unusual conversation of the deformed characters. Probably, there is no tale which was alike even if you looked for all over the world. This is the philosophy fantasy for an adult by which was nominated for the "Naoki Prize" which is the major two literary prize of Japan.

Compact book title"CHIGAUMON"
It's not like that
Hard cover and Compact book BUNGEISHUNJU 2001 2004
The collection of short stories which used memory from 3 years old to 8 years old as the motif. Therefore, the memory about in 1960 to 1968 and present are each other interwoven with. The life of Japanese people around 60's was not refined yet, especially in a local small town. A small child looks at a spectacle more sensitively than an adult. Compact book's title has changed from "TOKKYU KODAMA TOKAIDOSEN WO HASHIRU" to"CHIGAUMON".

Available at "Chicago Public Library"

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